Day: February 22, 2021

Frena un Juez Federal a la Minera Canadiense en Samalayuca

Pobladores de Samalayuca, representados por la asociación Mexicanos Contra la Corrupción y la Impunidad (MCCI), lograron la suspensión provisional de la operación de una mina canadiense en el área natural protegida en la zona.

Discovery Announces Warrant Exercises, Resulting in Increased Cash Balance of C$98 million

“The exercise and expiry of these warrants is a significant positive event as it bolsters our cash position and eliminates the selling pressure typically experienced with warrant expiration. In the last six weeks 18 million warrants were exercised. With a cash balance of nearly $100M Discovery is in a solid position to rapidly advance the Cordero project, one of the largest undeveloped silver assets in the world, at a time when silver demand is very strong and sizeable development assets are in short supply.”

GR Silver Mining Undertakes Maiden Ground Geophysics Program on the San Marcial Project, Incorporating Magnetometry and 3D IP

GR Silver Mining President and CEO, Marcio Fonseca, commented, “We are excited to be undertaking the first major geophysical investigation of the San Marcial Project. The ground based survey of 3D IP and magnetometry will assist our technical team to better understand the underlying geology, map key structures – particularly those not apparent at surface – and to identify potentially mineralized zones both in the vicinity of the San Marcial Ag resource as well as on some of the key target areas identified by the Company over the past two years…”

Fabled Silver Gold Announces Exercise of Warrants for Proceeds of $4,150,000

Peter J Hawley, CEO, President states; “On behalf of Fabled, I would like to thank our loyal shareholders for their support and early exercise of warrants. Not only does this strengthen our treasury but will allow us to expand the current 8,000-meter drill program on the Santa maria Property, if warranted.”

Gatos Silver Announces Restoration of Full Grid Power at Cerro Los Gatos

The CLG process plant will resume operation early this week upon completion of the previously accelerated maintenance activities that commenced during the temporary power restriction in Northern Mexico. Given the expedited restoration of full grid power, the outage has had minimal impact on the Company’s mining and processing activities.

Maza Drilling is a Mexican company established in 2007 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Our Canadian founder, Mr. Guy de Launiere, has over 20 years of international experience managing diverse drilling operations. Maza Drilling strives to compete at the highest levels in terms of recovery, effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability at every project while keeping at the forefront of technology to meet our customer’s needs in this demanding market.

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