Day: August 26, 2019

Argonaut Gold Extends El Castillo Mine Life with Zero-Cost Collar Gold Price Protection Program

Pete Dougherty, President and CEO stated: ”By initiating a zero-cost collar gold price protection program on a portion of El Castillo’s estimated remaining life-of-mine production, we ensure profitability and are able to extend the mine life at our highest cost operation. Through either exploration success or a higher gold price, there may be potential to continue to extend the life of the El Castillo mine beyond mid-2022. With a strong portfolio of development assets, we felt prudent to lock in cash flow certainty at the El Castillo mine to help fund our development projects while also continuing to maintain exposure to an increasing gold price for our shareholders. This is an opportunity to ensure cash flow at an attractive price protection point. When looking at the total amount of Argonaut’s mineral resource base, this zero-cost collar program represents a very small percentage of total gold ounces.”

IMPACT Silver Announces Results of Successful Dense Media Separation (DMS) Study at Capire VMS Production Center

Fred Davidson, President & CEO of IMPACT stated, “We are encouraged by the results of this successful coarse gravity separation test work and with additional testing we will assess how the introduction of a DMS preconcentration process module may impact the economics to the point of turning a profit from operations. We are continuously working on reducing production costs and the application of innovative technologies have the potential to impart a significant positive impact on the cost structure of our operations. Combined with this positive news and improving sentiments in overall markets for precious metals in recent months — Capire now represents a realistic near term expansion production site for IMPACT.”

Maza Drilling is a Mexican company established in 2007 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Our Canadian founder, Mr. Guy de Launiere, has over 20 years of international experience managing diverse drilling operations. Maza Drilling strives to compete at the highest levels in terms of recovery, effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability at every project while keeping at the forefront of technology to meet our customer’s needs in this demanding market.
Our company BYLSA DRILLING provides drilling services in a variety of environments, ranging from typical exploration sites to extreme topographic conditions, always with the highest quality and safety standards.