Day: May 31, 2017

Final Assays From Newly Defined Tres Amigos North Drilling

High grade zinc in Tres Amigos North area confirmed in holes LV5016 and LV5018;

Final assay results returned grades over intercepts of 1.5m @ 26.92% Zn+Pb, 52.05g/t Ag and 1.85m @ 32.88% Zn+Pb, 11.07g/t Ag

Confirms potential for repetitions of ore grade mineralisation associated with the Juarez Limestone;

Drilling is ongoing to determine the scope and geometry of the mineralisation.

Vangold Mining Acquires Seven Mining Claims in Mexico

Vangold Mining Corp. is pleased to announce that its wholly owned subsidiaries have entered into agreements to acquire seven mining claims, totalling 2,798 hectares, located in the States of Guanajuato and Queretaro, Mexico. The claims are grouped in three separate blocks, all located within 6 hours drive of Guanajuato City, which is now the Company’s base of operations for engineering, data storage, mapping and support staff.

San Marco announces drilling has commenced at the Chunibas Project

The primary objectives of this drilling will be to confirm the presence of higher-grade mineralization within the discrete shear veins, as well as the presence of broad haloes of lower grade Au-Ag within adjacent, sericite – Fe carbonate altered wall rocks. Historical data has been incorporated with the Company’s recent exploration work, resulting in field evidence that the north-south trending shear/vein structures coalesce in various zones along strike. This has reinforced the geological model that wider zones of gold mineralization, flanking the high-grade shear structures, some of which continue to be mined by local gambosinos (miners), where grades appear to be in the 15 g/t gold range, exist.

Kootenay Silver Drills New Target Proximal to Existing Mineral Resource

Kootenay President and CEO James McDonald states, “We are very pleased to commence drilling on the newly discovered eastern portion of the Las Venadas Zone. The new zone is contained within a strikingly similar geological setting to the Las Carolinas, San Gregorio and La Borracha Zones of silver mineralization situated to the north. All indications from ground exploration and sampling to date make this region of the property a top priority as we continue to ramp up our drill and resource expansion program at La Cigarra.”

AIVN to Commence Drilling Alamo Mining Concessions

The Board of Directors of AIVN are pleased to announce the discovery of two new major auriferous zones on the concessions purchased on December 1, 2015. The Company completed the acquisition in Baja California of La Sorpressa, 90 hectares, La Sorpressa II, 265 hectares, La Sorpresa III, 71 hectares, Las III Fraccion 2 Frac I, 12 hectares, Las III Fraccion 2 Frac II, 12 hectares, Las III Fraccion 2 Frac III, 72 hectares, El Cid, 55.674 hectares, El Cid 1,72 hectares, Dolores, 1266.150 and M. Carter, 66.6054 hectares. The Company currently has a pilot plant mining operation at its La Sorpresa IV Property located in Baja California, Mexico. Presently, there are two Mexican mining companies showing interest in the Alamo and the Board of Directors recently turned down a Letter of Intent for $3,000,000 for 50% ownership of its subsidiary AIVN DE MEXICO.

Mexican Gold Samples High-Grade Gold and Silver Mineralization at its Pueblo Nuevo Concession

Brian Robertson, President and CEO stated, “We are excited about these high- grade sample results. The high-grade, gold bearing veins on the Pueblo Nuevo concession occur along the same sill contact and are believed to be part of the same metallogenic system as the better-known Au-Cu skarn deposits a few kilometres away at Las Minas proper. We look forward to carrying out further sampling and drilling at this highly mineralized site.”

Santacruz Silver Reports First Quarter 2017 Production and Financial Results

“The fiscal results of the first quarter of 2017 and the fourth quarter of 2016 reflect a transition period for the Company as it added two new sources of mineralized material at the Rosario Project and expanded the development of mineralized material from previously mined stopes at Veta Grande referred to as “Chorros”” stated Arturo Préstamo, CEO of Santacruz adding, “As a result of mining the Chorros, the operating costs are substantially reduced and we look forward to continued production improvements at both Rosario and Veta Grande over the coming quarters.”

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