COLORADO SPRINGS, CO–(Marketwired – Jan 26, 2016) – Gold Resource Corporation (NYSE MKT: GORO) (the "Company") today announced new Switchback drill highlights from its El Aguila Project's Arista Mine including 6.32 meters of 5.87 grams per tonne (g/t) gold, 139 g/t silver, 0.58% copper, 5.00% lead and 8.14% zinc. Gold Resource Corporation is a gold and silver producer with operations in Oaxaca, Mexico and exploration in Nevada, USA. The Company has returned over $108 million to shareholders in monthly dividends since commercial production commenced July 1, 2010, and offers shareholders the option to convert their cash dividends into physical gold and silver and take delivery.

Hole 515103 intercepted three parallel veins, including the Soledad vein which returned 6.32 meters grading 5.87 g/t gold, 139 g/t silver, 0.58% copper, 5.00% lead and 8.14% zinc; including 1.78 meters grading 4.77 g/t gold, 320 g/t silver, 0.51% copper, 12.60% lead and 16.53% zinc (see table below). Additional higher-grade precious and base metals within the 6.32 meter section included 0.90 meters of 23.20 g/t gold, 125 g/t silver, 1.66% copper, 2.83% lead and 3.96%. 

Hole 515107 intercepted four parallel veins, including the Soledad vein which returned 3.21 meters grading 3.30 g/t gold, 245 g/t silver, 0.36% copper, 4.70% lead and 13.94% zinc; including 1.22 meters grading 5.98 g/t gold, 542 g/t silver, 0.30% copper, 9.78% lead and 19.04% zinc.

These drill results extend known Switchback mineralization to its highest elevation to date. The mineralized horizon at Switchback has been tested over a 450-meter strike and more than 450-meter depth and remains open on strike and depth. 

  Angle     From Interval Au Ag Cu Pb Zn
Hole # deg Vein   Meters Meters g/t g/t % % %
        114.94 6.32 5.87 139 0.58 5.00 8.14
    Soledad Incl. 114.94 0.90 23.20 125 1.66 2.83 3.96
      Incl. 115.84 1.78 4.77 320 0.51 12.60 16.53
515103 -30   Incl. 118.20 0.75 6.06 57 0.40 1.89 6.34
    Vein   124.22 0.58 1.43 52 0.74 8.48 17.30
        223.65 5.22 1.67 27 0.40 1.19 3.80
    Sofia Incl. 223.65 0.53 2.67 52 0.55 2.49 5.83
      Incl. 226.75 2.12 2.36 29 0.49 1.77 5.02
    Vein   7.47 0.57 0.04 139 0.16 2.37 16.55
        109.59 3.21 3.30 245 0.36 4.70 13.94
    Soledad Incl. 109.59 0.55 2.29 99 0.51 1.58 6.54
515107 -28   Incl. 110.14 1.22 5.98 542 0.30 9.78 19.04
      Incl. 111.36 0.84 2.03 49 0.37 1.74 13.85
    Vein   114.80 0.88 0.39 112 0.63 4.99 11.25
    Selene   142.85 1.03 0.29 75 0.83 0.86 5.39
Assays by ALS Chemex, Vancouver, BC Canada. Meters Down Hole, Not true width.

The Switchback vein system expands the Arista Mine with additional high-grade mineralization (see map). During the fourth quarter of 2015, the Company completed a 450-meter drift at its Arista Mine from the Arista vein system north east towards the Switchback vein system stopping short of the veins to construct a drill station. This drill station was established to test for the presence of water in the Switchback vein system, which will be an important factor in future mine development plans and water management facilities. To date, no appreciable water has been encountered from this drill station, though the Company plans to continue monitoring Switchback drill holes for the expected future presence of water. In addition, the station is being used to continue Switchback exploration, taking advantage of more favorable drill angles and shorter distances to the veins. 

Arista Mine development plans in 2016 include the completion of a second drift (see map) from the Arista vein system to the Switchback vein system, which will be located approximately seven levels (140 meters) below the first drift driven to Switchback in 2015 from the fourteen level. Construction of this second drift to Switchback began in mid-January with a goal to complete it during the third quarter of 2016, which will be dependent on drift progression, rock competency, and potential water courses that may be encountered during development. Once the second drift reaches Switchback, multiple levels are planned for development between these two drifts followed by preparation of ore blocks for future bulk tonnage mining. 

Mr. Barry Devlin, Vice President of Exploration, stated, "Our epithermal Arista Mine continues to deliver multiple parallel, high-grade polymetallic veins in both the mine's Arista vein system, as seen in recent results announced January 19, 2016, and in the mine's Switchback vein system noted in the high-grade drill results above. The 2016 exploration program's primary goal is to continue expanding the Arista Mine's mineralization at both the Arista and Switchback vein systems. As we continue to drill and expand Switchback along both strike and depth, we look forward to planned Switchback mine development advancing to a point in which we can touch the mineralized veins and potentially convert Switchback mineralized material into proven and probable reserves for 2017."

"We are pleased to continue to intercept high-grade mineralization expanding the Arista Mine's Switchback vein system," stated Gold Resource Corporation's CEO and President, Mr. Jason Reid. "It is great to see Switchback development take place with these first two access drifts. We are excited at the prospect, drift advancement and mine development permitting, to have mill feed later this year from this large new area of the Arista Mine. More importantly, we are planning to develop the Switchback veins on multiple levels prior to initiating bulk mining methods to position the Company with greater production optionality in the future."

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