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President, CEO, and Director of TocVan Ventures Corp. #TOC Brodie Sutherland joined us recently while attending #PDAC2023 to share with us a company overview, a review of 2022, and what the company has planned for the year ahead. TocVan has two major projects, the flagship Pilar Gold Project and the El Picacho Gold Project in the Sonora State of Mexico. With major plans for both projects, Brodie explained how they compliment each other and continue to add value for their shareholders and potential investors. They plan to continue adding to the resource that is Pilar, moving it towards development, and El Picacho has been drilled for the first time and has shown near-surface oxidization. The company has roughly 50million shares outstanding, with a very strong investor base holding quite a bit of the float.
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Maza Drilling is a Mexican company established in 2007 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Our Canadian founder, Mr. Guy de Launiere, has over 20 years of international experience managing diverse drilling operations. Maza Drilling strives to compete at the highest levels in terms of recovery, effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability at every project while keeping at the forefront of technology to meet our customer’s needs in this demanding market.