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Minaurum Gold Inc. and it’s community partners were proud to sponsor a recent cultural musical event in the City of Alamos for the local communities to enjoy. This is one of many big cultural events for all communities.The Music Band of the University of Sonora is a representative group of the institution formed since its foundation; from the beginning of the fifties it was directed by Maestro Mayor Isauro Sánchez Pérez until his retirement at the end of the sixties, being replaced by Maestro Rodolfo Medina until 1986 when Maestro Otilio Horacio Lagarda Burgos replaced him as its director until the date.The Unison Band has always been a forger of young music lovers, many of them later dedicated to practicing it professionally or as an amateur. His repertoire has been very varied, from the compositions of the great masters of universal music to the popular music of our days.
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