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Altaley Mining CEO Mike Struthers joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has provided and update on its pre-production efforts during at the Tahuehueto Gold Mine Project. Struthers telling Proactive During September and October 2022 about 11,259 tonnes of mill feed was provided by a temporary crushing system. The company saw an average 89.95% gold and 83.23% silver, with a peak daily recovery of gold at 97.52% and silver 92.33%.
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Layne, A Granite Company, provides sustainable solutions for water resources and mineral exploration. Originally established in 1882, Layne offers a rich history of delivering safe, professional, and reliable water and minerals solutions throughout North and South America. Granite acquired Layne and its subsidiaries in the fall of 2018, to further Granite’s strategy to grow through acquisition and diverse end market expansion.