The southwestern Mexican town of Iguala was the scene of further tragedy Sunday as three Goldcorp Inc miners were found dead, after they were believed to have been abducted, family members said.

According to the relatives, the employees of the Canadian mining company were found in mass graves in Guerrero state and displayed injuries consistent with torture.

The region has become synonymous with bloodshed in recent months since 43 students were kidnapped in September from the town of Iguala, after which more mass graves have appeared, containing up to 100 bodies.

Four Goldcorp employees were reported missing Thursday, with one said to have been freed.

"The information available to us about this incident is limited, however the disappearance of the employees was unrelated to their role with Goldcorp," Goldcorp spokeswoman Christine Marks wrote in an e-mail to Reuters Sunday.

"The employees were not at the mine conducting Goldcorp business or in Goldcorp-supplied transportation at the time of the incident," she added.

In July, 2013 two workers from the Los Filos mine were executed by criminal elements.

Meanwhile, in February of this year 12 residents from the municipality of Cocula were kidnapped by members of La Familia, an organized crime group. Community police managed to rescue 10 of those kidnapped.

Original Article: http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Three-Miners-Found-Dead-in-Mexican-State-of-Guerrero-20150315-0016.html




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