(Marketwired) — 06/19/14Tara
Minerals Corp.
6T3) is pleased to announce that it has closed the acquisition of intellectual
property for the preservation and protection of fresh fruit, vegetables and
flowers during extended periods of shipping and storage. The mining assets and
the newly acquired packaging assets will be held under separate subsidiaries.

The acquisition is
comprised of patents, trademarks and other intellectual property in the
United States
, Europe,
Mexico, Canada,
South Africa, Japan,
and Chile
regarding systems and methods for packaging of bulk quantities of fresh produce
and flowers incorporating modified atmosphere packaging. The acquisition also
includes pending applications throughout the world regarding the active
treatment of modified atmosphere packaging.

The commercially
demonstrated SmartPac system replaces industry-standard shipping cartons with a
sealed see-through container system that preserves produce in virtually the
same condition it was in when newly picked, for up to one month during shipment
or storage. The packaging system reduces spoilage, extends market reach to
far-away customers, and opens up cheaper (ship/rail vs. air) transportation
options. The SmartPac system also improves food safety through an efficient
mechanism for the distribution of anti-microbial agents, which deter mold,
disease and infestation while in transit or in storage.

The solution caters to the
quality needs and wants of the end user, opens up new distribution channels, improves
the logistics service to customers, and enables lower system-wide costs. The
SmartPac solution will be made available for the packing, storage and shipment
of bulk quantities of produce to growers, packers and end-users.

About Tara
Minerals Corp.

continues to advance the US and Mexico
mining projects. The patented SmartPac bulk produce packaging system is
available for generic industry applications and for licensing towards its
world-wide application.

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the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: The statements contained
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