With the volatility of the precious metal markets, especially in Silver, the junior securities market has been very weak in the past short while. With falling metal prices and falling stock prices the investment market is a bit uncertain and tentative at present. Silver Shield continues to progress its properties with the overall goal of production remaining paramount and unwavering. We are pleased to provide the investment community with an update on our efforts.

Welsh Silver Mine Elk Lake Ontario

A planned minimum drilling program of 1,200 metres has been recently completed and samples have been sent for assay. The drill program recently completed totaled 1,268 metres in ten (10) drill holes. Seven of these holes were drilled in the SE portion of the property to test for new high grade veins and extensions of  the veining  discovered in our Phase II drilling. The area tested is immediately south of the Amador Gold (AGX-V) Silverclaim Lake property. The three remaining holes were drilled in the vicinity of the Welsh Silver Mine to try to target extensions of veining previously discovered as well as new silver bearing veins. Amador  previously announced a drill program in the Silverclaim Lake Area and Silver Shield awaits their drilling results. It is Silver Shield’s belief that the area drilling by two companies in this historic silver mining region bodes well for the future of the Elk Lake play. Indeed Tim D Towers commented “with the drilling being done we are hopeful that the area can be rejuvenated once again. The history of mining here, and the still very good silver price, has us very optimistic for the future of the Welsh Silver Mine and surrounding properties.” To better help us in our future development of the area, a survey of the property has recently been concluded. This survey was commissioned by Silver Shield to expand our data base  in the area and to target old drill holes, elevations, adits, ramps and  the shafts present. All drill data, survey data and other surface work will be used to upgrade our previous 43-101 Technical report previously done by Silver Shield.

Lost Dog Gold Property Timmins Ontario

On our previous release dated November 28, 2010 the company elucidated investors on the results of the western portion of our line cutting surface work and Magnetic and IP surveys on the property. The surveys and work on the first phase showed a large area of low magnetic intensity crossing the property from east to west that may represent the extension of the prolific Porcupine-Destor fault zone (PDFZ) through the property, or a splay structure off of it. The company has now completed line cutting on the full property and  will immediately commence the complete Magnetic and IP survey on the remainder of the property. It is hoped that this new survey will extend the area of low magnetic intensity across the rest of the property. It is the company’s belief that this extension will be a significant development for this property.

Other Timmins Properties

Minimal surface work has been done on the other Timmins Properties with surface sampling, prospecting and line cutting planned for the summer and fall exploration period. At the present time the Lost Dog IP and Magnetics is the main scope of the Timmins work.

Sandeb Gold Property Deal

The Sandeb Property deal previously announced is still before the TSX Venture Exchange. Mr John Carter, President of Trueclaim, and a director of Silver Shield Resources Corp., is a non-arms length participant in the transaction and as such the Exchange will review the materiality of the deal. Silver Shield expects no problems with this review and will announce the acceptance if and when given by the Exchange.

Mexican Update

The company continues sourcing and reviewing high grade projects in Mexico. La Cumbre and Jaripo are being maintained till funding becomes available for further drilling. The Company is in the process of sourcing technical personnel to prepare a 43-101 Technical Report on the La Cumbre Mine Property. The La Cumbre Mine has had some historic small gold and silver production and the company believes in its near to mid-term potential. It is felt that the preparation of a recognized 43-101 Technical Report will aid in the future development of the La Cumbre Mine and required capital procurement. The company is actively pursuing two advanced projects within the company mandate of acquiring near to mid-term production assets.

However while Silver Shield is hopeful these properties can be brought into the fold, there is no expectation of certainty or time frame of success.

Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined on the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release. Company Management, which takes full responsibility for content, prepared this news release. In order to proceed fully with the Company’s exploration and acquisition plans, additional funding may be necessary and, depending on market conditions, this funding may not be forthcoming on a schedule or on terms that facilitate the Company’s plans.

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