VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwired – April 30, 2014) – Levon Resources Ltd. (“Levon” or “the Company”) (TSX:LVN)(BERLIN:LO9)(FRANKFURT:LO9)(PINKSHEETS:LVNVF) is pleased to report final drill hole assays from the Phase 4 drilling completed February 13, 2014 on the recently acquired Aida claim (see news release dated July 10, 2013) at the Company’s wholly owned Cordero project near Hidalgo Del Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico. Twenty four (24) core holes 13,072 metres (“m”) were drilled on a 100 to 150 m line spacing drill grid, testing the Aida claim which is located in the center of the Cordero resource (Technical report dated July 31, 2012, as amended and restated May 10, 2013 ).

Assays from the first 14 holes of the drill program were reported previously (February 26, 2014 press release, as corrected in the April 28, 2014 press release).

The results from the remaining 10 holes confirm mineralization extends from surface and to depths of 700 to 1000+ m, revealing wide, higher grade mineralization within volcanic feeders beneath the Cordero Felsic Volcanic Dome Complex (the “Dome”). The drill results establish that the Dome is mushroom shaped and mineralized to the surface. The stem feeders appear to elongate northeast through the strike direction of the Dome, and extend through the 600 m strike length of the Aida claim. The feeders consist of mineralized dacite and rhyolite dikes, and composite stocks which are gradational with the upper reaches of the mineralized Dome.

Drilling Highlights

Hole C14-267.

Hole C14-267 is a vertical hole drilled down the feeder stem of the Dome on section 443,100 m E through the Dome cap mineralization, and returned 308 m of 70.77 grams per tonne silver equivalent (g/t Ag Eq) (or 1010.2 feet (ft) of 2.28 ounces per metric tonne (oz/t) Ag Eq) (from 12 m to 320 m hole depths) including 36 m of 255.96 g/t Ag Eq (or 118.1 ft. at 8.23 oz/t Ag Eq) (hole depths 236 m to 272 m).

Table 1. Hole C14-267 composited drill assay intersections.*

            From  To   Interval  Interval  g/t Ag   Ag    g/t    g/t    %     % 
HoleID        m    m       m        ft      Eq.    Eq.     Ag     Au    Zn    Pb 
C14-267       12  320       308    1010.5   70.77  2.28  26.40  0.082  1.07  0.43 
 C14-267     198  224        26      85.3  165.45  5.32  73.17  0.129  1.89  1.28 
 C14-267     236  272        36     118.1  255.96  8.23  80.39  0.137  5.05  1.16 
 C14-267     300  312        12      39.4  164.67  5.29  62.20  0.262  1.67  1.68 
C14-267      384  456        72     236.2   46.73  1.50  14.44   0.02  0.65  0.50 
C14-267      468  496        28      91.9   51.50  1.66  18.85  0.029  0.81  0.33 
----------  ----  ---  --------  --------  ------  ----  -----  -----  ----  ---- 

*(USD$6.00 NSR/t cutoff grade. Ag Eq calculated using $25/oz Ag, $1,000/oz Au, $1.00/lb Zn and Pb directly from the assays within the composited intervals).

Hole C14-266.

Hole C14-266 is collared on section 443,100 m E, 150 m south of C14-267 and is an angle hole (-60 degrees) drilled north intersecting 70 m of 26.11 g/t Ag Eq (229.6 ft of 0.84 oz/t Ag Eq) (0m to 70m hole depths) in the upper part of the Dome, and 268 m of 87.25 g/t Ag Eq (or 879 ft of 2.81 oz/t Ag Eq) (from 94 to 362 m) in the volcanic feeder beneath the Dome. The widest and highest grade intersection within the volcanic feeder in C14-266 is 46 m of 170.53 g/t Ag Eq (or 150.9 ft of 5.48 oz/t Ag Eq) (from 236m to 282m) with other wide 3+ oz/t Ag Eq intersections down hole (Table 2).

Table 2. Hole C14-266 composited drill assay intersections.*

            From  To   Interval  Interval  g/t Ag   Ag    g/t    g/t    %     % 
HoleID        m    m       m        ft      Eq.    Eq.     Ag     Au    Zn    Pb 
C13-266        0   70        70     229.7   26.11  0.84  16.27  0.023  0.20  0.13 
C13-266       94  362       268     879.3   87.25  2.81  37.42  0.067  0.99  0.73 
 C13-266     116  142        26      85.3  119.94  3.86  59.87  0.052  1.22  0.90 
 C13-266     172  228        56     183.7  101.06  3.25  50.54  0.065  0.86  0.89 
 C13-266     236  282        46     150.9  170.53  5.48  64.26  0.134  2.27  1.41 
 C13-266     294  312        18      59.1  193.65  6.23  75.59   0.16  2.27  1.81 
C13-266      380  430        50     164.0  102.70  3.30  32.96  0.065  1.83  0.62 
 C13-266     402  430        28      91.9  153.43  4.93  51.37  0.096  2.64  0.94 
C13-266      448  462        14      45.9   74.97  2.41  30.54  0.019  0.99  0.60 
----------  ----  ---  --------  --------  ------  ----  -----  -----  ----  ---- 

*(USD$6.00 NSR/t cutoff grade. Ag Eq calculated using $25/oz Ag, $1,000/oz Au, $1.00/lb Zn and Pb directly from the assays within the composited intervals).

“Finding the mineralized volcanic feeder zones beneath the Cordero Volcanic Dome Complex, gives us a new perspective on the project. The feeders are higher grade, with some big geometry right in the middle of the existing resource, and are capped by nearly continuous mineralization that comes right to the surface. These results were a direct result of being able to purchase the Aida claim consolidating our 100 % ownership of the District,” said Ron Tremblay, President, CEO. “The latest drill holes complete the Phase 4 discovery drilling at Cordero, we look forward to seeing how the results affect the global resource, and the modeled economics of the pit designs.”


The grid drilling indicates feeder zone map widths of about 130 m (425 ft) along the 443,100 m E drill section. Angle hole C13-257 is collared 300 m south of C14-266 and is -60 degrees drilled north along section 443,100 m E which intersected a southern part of the feeder. C13-257 returned 50 m of 150.89 g/t Ag Eq (or 164.0 ft. of 4.85 g/t Ag Eq) (270 to 320 m hole depths) and 72 m of 91.41 g/t Ag Eq (or 236.2 ft. of 2.94 oz/t Ag Eq) (334 m to 406 m hole depths) including 16 m of 268.2 g/t Ag Eq (or 52.5 ft. of 8.63 oz/t Ag Eq) (374 m to 390 m hole depths).

Hole C14-271. Hole C14-271 intersected the feeders about 160 m to the west on drill section 442,940 m E. Dome cap mineralization: 186 m of 52.71 g/t Ag Eq (or 610.2 ft of 1.69oz/t Ag Eq) (6 m to 192 m hole depths) and then intersected higher grade mineralization along the contact of the volcanic feeder zone with limestone host rocks over 32 m of 348 g/t Ag Eq (or 111.5 ft of 11.21 oz/t Ag Eq) (448 m to 482 m hole depths). The true width of the intersection is unknown.

Table 3. Hole C14-271 composited drill assay intersections.*

            From  To   Interval  Interval  g/t Ag   Ag     g/t     g/t    %     % 
HoleID        m    m       m        ft      Eq.     Eq.     Ag      Au    Zn    Pb 
C14-271        6  192       186     610.2   52.71   1.69   26.98  0.087  0.36  0.45 
C14-271      202  264        62     203.4   29.34   0.94   13.08  0.124  0.16  0.25 
C14-271      290  308        18      59.1   16.90   0.54    6.17   0.04  0.21  0.13 
C14-271      324  364        40     131.2   56.12   1.80   24.22   0.07  0.57  0.49 
C14-271      448  482        34     111.5  348.57  11.21  161.02  0.176  3.63  2.95 
 C14-271     460  480        20      65.6  570.08  18.33  262.96  0.257  5.99  4.84 
----------  ----  ---  --------  --------  ------  -----  ------  -----  ----  ---- 

*(USD$6.00 NSR/t cutoff grade. Ag Eq calculated using $25/oz Ag, $1,000/oz Au, $1.00/lb Zn and Pb directly from the assays within the composited intervals).

Hole C14-274. Hole C14-274 is a -70 degree angle hole drilled west from the C14-271 drill site on section 442,940 m E. C14-274 drilled across the contact of the Dome, and the Pozo de Plata Diatreme Complex portion of the resource drilling through the mineralized cap, and intersecting 230 m of 52.22 g/t Ag Eq (or 754.4 ft. of 1.68 opt Ag Eq) (10 m to 240 m hole depths), including higher grades in mineralized breccias within the Dome (e.g. 30 m of 112.01 g/t Ag Eq (or 98.4 ft. of 3.60 oz/t Ag Eq) (158m to 188 m hole depths) (Table 4).

Table 4. Hole C14-274 drill assay composites.*

            From   To    Interval  Interval  g/t Ag   Ag    g/t    g/t    %     % 
HoleID        m     m        m        ft      Eq.    Eq.     Ag     Au    Zn    Pb 
C14-274       10    240       230     754.6   52.22  1.68  25.28  0.151  0.33  0.44 
 C14-274     158    188        30      98.4  112.01  3.60  54.47  0.297  0.73  0.93 
C14-274      288    312        24      78.7   68.78  2.21  32.37  0.243  0.31  0.66 
C14-274      328  344.1      16.1      52.8   15.55  0.50   3.78  0.107  0.17  0.11 
----------  ----  -----  --------  --------  ------  ----  -----  -----  ----  ---- 

*(USD$6.00 NSR/t cutoff grade. Ag Eq calculated using $25/oz Ag, $1,000/oz Au, $1.00/lb Zn and Pb directly from the assays within the composited intervals).

Composite drill hole assays from the 24 hole drill program, drill maps and cross sections are posted on the Levon website for review (www.levon.com).

“The latest drill results are better than expected. Excellent down hole grade continuities of mineralization, are present in 22 of the 24 holes from surface. Wide, higher grade mineralized feeder zones in the center of the resource present a significant advance in the discovery drilling. Drill core geology and field evidence, indicate the Cordero resource is hosted within a chain of mineralized volcanoes, and related intrusives and diatremes that mineralized themselves during volcanism, forming locally mineralized constructional volcanic topography, which is still preserved. We believe these latest drill results are very positive for the project and its future,” states Vic Chevillon, VP Exploration, Director.

Planned Resource Update

The drilling and 3D geologic modeling data are being assembled and forwarded to IMC for preparation of an updated Cordero resource estimate.

Assay Reporting

   -- The final lab assays for Ag, Au, Zn, Pb from the 2 m sawed and 
      continuously sampled core samples are summarized in this release. 
   -- Assays and calculated silver equivalent grams per metric tonne (g/t Ag 
      Eq) are reported for the composited drill intersections in metres (m) and 
      also in feet (ft), and troy ounces per metric tonne (oz/t Ag Eq). 
   -- Drill hole assay composites were calculated using the metal prices and 
      cut offs that Independent Mining Consultants (IMC), and M3 Engineering 
      and Technology (M3) used in their calculation of the Cordero resource, 
      (see July 31, 2012 technical report, as amended and restated May 10, 
      2013) and modeling in the Preliminary Economic Analysis (PEA) (see March 
      12, 2012 PEA, as amended and restated May 8, 2013). The PEA provides the 
      details of the NSR/t cutoff grade modeling. Management believes the metal 
      prices used in the PEA continue to be realistic long term estimates, and 
      the prices used are: USD$25/oz Ag, $1,000/oz Au, $1.00/ Pb Zn and Pb. 
   -- Composite intervals were selected using a USD $6 NSR/t cut-off which 
      equates to about 10 g/t Ag Eq. Minimum down hole grade continuity is 10 m 
      in any of the composites. 
   -- The composites were calculated directly from the assays and represent 
      in-situ Ag Eq. 

Qualified Person

Vic Chevillon, AIPG QPG # 11054, the Company’s VP, Exploration and a qualified person as such term is defined in NI 43-101 of the Canadian Securities Administrators has reviewed and approved this news release.

About Levon Resources

Levon is a well-funded gold and precious metals exploration Company, exploring the company’s 100% owned flagship Cordero bulk tonnage silver, gold, zinc, and lead project near Hidalgo Del Parral, Chihuahua, Mexico.

Levon’s most recent mineral resource estimate is contained in a technical report prepared by IMC titled “Cordero Project June 2012 Mineral Resource Update, Chihuahua, Mexico” dated July 31, 2012, as amended and restated May 10, 2013, which is filed under the Company’s profile at www.sedar.com.


Ron Tremblay, President and Chief Executive Officer

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