Kootenay Silver Inc. (TSX VENTURE: KTN.V) (“Kootenay”) is pleased to announce results on the final 2 drill holes from its inaugural Phase I drill program on its new La Negra Breccia Silver Discovery, situated approximately 6.5 kilometers north of Kootenay's flagship Promontorio Silver Resource in Sonora, Mexico.

A total of 25 holes for 3173 meters of drilling have been completed along an approximate 400 meter strike length of the breccia. Silver mineralization is exposed at surface and is shown to extend to a vertical depth of at least 190 meters (approximately 110 meters above sea level) and along the entire length of the breccia, where drill testing and surface sampling was conducted. The breccia silver mineralization is open to the east and at depth, with possible extensions to the west as indicated from surface exposures.

States Kootenay President and CEO James McDonald “We are very pleased to conclude our inaugural drill program on the La Negra Diatreme Breccia system that has resulted in a significant and exciting new silver discovery in Mexico. Drilling continues to return high grades and shows a remarkable consistency of silver mineralization on surface and at depth across the entire length of the breccia. Results from the inaugural program will be immediately compiled and collated in a 3D model showing the geologic controls and assay results.  This compilation will be used to design the next drill phase which is expected to begin early in the New Year. Based on the outstanding results to date, the objective is to move the project quickly to a maiden NI 43-101 resource calculation.”

The remaining two holes LN 24 and 25-14 are reported herein, along with complete results of the 25 hole drill program.  Drill hole LN 24-14 encountered high grades of silver starting at surface on the same section as LN 22 and 23-14. This is also the eastern most section drilled. LN 25-14 hit 60 meters of silver mineralized breccia from surface, which is interpreted to confirm a south dip in this area of the breccia.

Details of the final two drill hole intercepts are in the following table:

Drill Hole FromTo IntervalSilver Gold LeadRock
LN-24-14-45/360 Az0767692.880.0630.69Breccia/Stockwork
144m EOH       
LN-25-14-45/015 Az 0616144.860.0170.17Breccia
115m EOH       

To view cross sections of the drill holes visit: La Negra Cross Sections LN 01 to LN 25-14.  To view a drill plan outlining the location of the La Negra drilling visit: La Negra Drill Plan Map.

Phase I Highlights include:

  • LN 01-14 Containing from surface;
    • 110.46 gpt Ag over 41 meters including
    • 223.23 gpt Ag over 13 meters
  • LN 02-14 Containing from surface;
    • 141.28 gpt Ag over 50 meters including
    • 212.64 gpt Ag over 28 meters and
    • 323.13 gpt Ag over 15 meters
  • LN 03-14 Bottomed in mineralized breccia in a vertical hole from surface;
    • 82.57 gpt Ag over 144 meters including
    • 98 gpt Ag over 106 meters and
    • 195.84 gpt Ag over 25 meters
  • LN 04-14 Containing from surface;
    • 92.98 gpt Ag over 92 meters including;
    • 149.43 gpt Ag over 20 meters from surface and
    • 146.38 gpt Ag over 31 meters from 43 meter depth
  • LN 05-14 Containing from surface;
    • 91 gpt Ag over 119 meters including
    • 182.87 gpt Ag over 40 meters
    • 367.85 gpt Ag over 14 meters
  • LN 06-14 Containing from surface and bottomed in mineralized breccia;
    • 92.79 gpt Ag over 98 meters including
    • 168.33 gpt Ag over 21 meters including
    • 214.3 gpt Ag over 13 meters
  • LN 07-14 Containing from surface;
    • 132.49 gpt Ag over 59 meters including
    • 149.6 gpt Ag over 43 meters and
    • 185.35 gpt Ag over 17 meters
  • LN 08-14 Containing from 13 meter depth;
    • 91.89 gpt Ag over 49 meters including
    • 251 gpt Ag over 11 meters
  • LN 10-14 Containing from 5 meters;
    • 87.08 gpt Ag over 35 meters including
    • 135.52 gpt Ag over 21 meters
  • LN 13-14 Containing from surface;
    • 61.43 gpt Ag over 140 meters including
    • 79 gpt Ag over 47 meters and
    • 355.16 gpt Ag over 8 meters
  • LN 21-14 Containing from surface and bottomed in mineralization;
    • 156.47 gpt Ag over 200 meters including
    • 420.34 gpt Ag over 50 meters from 150 to 200 meters including
    • 1337.66 gpt Ag over 6 meters and
    • 492.30 gpt Ag over 17 meters at the bottom of the hole excl. the 6 meters of 1337 gpt Ag interval
  • LN 22-14 Containing from surface
    • 265.31 gpt Ag including over 34 meters including
    • 467.77 gpt Ag over 18 meters
  • LN 23-14 Containing from surface;
    • 239.92 gpt Ag over 30 meters including
    • 459.76 gpt Ag over 13 meters
  • LN 24-14 from surface on section with LN 22 and 23-14;
    • 92.88 gpt Ag over 76 meters including
    • 397.83 gpt Ag over 12 meters

Management believes that La Negra is a diatreme breccia which implies good depth potential as diatreme breccias can extend to depths of 100’s of meters. The depth potential in the La Negra Breccia is underscored by hole LN 21-14 as it bottoms in high silver grades at a vertical depth of around 150 meters showing the potential for resources to depth. The depth of the high silver grade shows the grades are primary so not a result of supergene enrichment.

Due to faulting and possibly the nature of the breccia contact itself the width of the breccia body is not well defined at this time. Thus far the apparent widths of the breccia interpreted from drilling are varying from about 60 to over 100 meters within a broader 200 by 500 meter area of breccia outcrop exposures.

The La Negra Breccia is cut by two northwest trending faults across which the dip of the breccia changes from near vertical to moderate southerly dips. This is evidenced by holes LN 11, 12, 14, 18, 19 and 20, which were drilled through the breccia into the footwall or directly within the footwall thus missing the bulk of the breccia body.  Hole LN 25-14 drilled to the north confirms a southerly dip encountering 60 meters of breccia from surface followed by about 50 meters of stockwork and argillic alteration.

Drill hole intercepts LN 01 to 23-14 (Previously Announced):

Drill Hole FromTo IntervalSilver Gold LeadRock
LN-01-14 -45/180 Az34441110.460.0680.126Breccia
95m EOH        
LN-02-14-60/180 Az 05050141.280.1080.215Breccia
100m EOH       
LN-03-14-90/360 Az 014414482.570.0580.309Breccia
144m EOH       
LN-04-14-60/360 Az 011411478.540.0660.311Breccia
152m EOH       
LN-05-14-45/360 Az 0119119910.0460.576Breccia
147m EOH       
LN-06-14-60/090 Az 31019892.790.1040.153Breccia
101m EOH       
LN-07-14 -60/270 Az56459132.490.0850.26Breccia
130m EOH       
LN-08-14-45/180 Az13624991.890.0150.26Breccia/+Andesite
137m EOH       
LN-09-14-60/180 Az93728600.0380.32Breccia
105m EOH       
LN-10-14-90/360 Az5403587.080.0370.51Breccia/+Andesite
191m EOH       
LN-11-14-60/360 Az611556.330.010.33Breccia
131m EOH       
LN-12-14-45/360 Az13281529.760.0090.44Stockwork/Breccia
117m EOH       
LN-13-14-60/090 Az014014061.430.0480.38Breccia/Stockwork
183.5m EOH       
LN-14-14-60/270 Az03333179.650.0330.33Breccia
92m EOH        
LN-15-1477m EOHNo Significative Results   Argillic Andesite
LN-16-1460m EOHNo Significative Results   Argillic/Propylitic 
LN-17-1451m EOHNo Significative Results   Argillic/Propylitic 
LN-18-14156m EOHNo Significative Results   Argillic/Propylitic 
LN-19-14-45/180 Az708212289.580.041.42Breccia
193m EOH       
LN-20-14-45/180 Az51611033.70.030.4Stockwork
192m EOH       
LN-21-14-45/290 Az0200200156.470.1030.18Breccia/Stockwork
200m EOH       
LN-22-14-90/360 Az03434265.310.1140.75Breccia/Stockwork
82m EOH        
LN-23-14-45/180 Az03030239.920.0530.41Breccia/Stockwork
78m EOH        

Current Phase I Drill Program

Drilling in the Phase I program was conducted in widely spaced fences along 400 of 500 meters of La Negra’s length to provide information on the sub-surface grade, continuity and geometry of the mineralized Breccia system. Current holes were broadly spaced as single holes or fences of holes from the same platforms in 115 to 50 meter spacing’s along strike. Extensive zones of breccia and stockwork were encountered along the strike length and dips seem to vary from steep northerly dips to moderate southerly dips. The Phase I drill program totaled 25 HQ diameter core holes with 3173.5 meters of drilling.

La Negra Silver Discovery

The La Negra Breccia prospect is situated approx. 6.5 kms north of Kootenay’s flagship Promontorio Silver Resource in Sonora, Mexico and is contained within a 25 x 15 km mineralized corridor, the ‘Promontorio Mineral Belt.’ The current Phase I drill program on La Negra follows a highly successful trenching and surface sampling program that confirmed widespread silver mineralization exists over a large 100 to 200 meters by 500 meters area on surface. (See news releases from May 28th and June 5th, 2014 for more details).  To View Full Results of Sampling and drill Program Visit:www.kootenaysilver.com.


Core is being detailed logged and sampled with half the core being bagged, tagged, catalogued, sealed and sent to an accredited assay lab for analysis.  A quality control program including blanks, standards and replicates is being used similar to that used on the Promontorio drill program.  Geotechnical data such as recovery, RQD and density are being recorded also. All drilling has been with HQ core and is being done by BD Drilling from Guadalajara, Mexico. Further Quality Assurance and Control procedures and details on assays procedures and laboratories used are disclosed on the Kootenay Silver Inc. website.

The foregoing geological disclosure has been reviewed and verified by Kootenay's CEO, James McDonald, P.Geo (a qualified person for the purpose of National Instrument 43-101, Standards of Disclosure for Mineral Projects). Mr. McDonald is a director of Kootenay.


Kootenay Silver Inc. is actively developing mineral projects in the Sierra Madre Region of Mexico and in British Columbia, Canada. Its flagship property is the former producing Promontorio Silver mine in Sonora State, Mexico. Kootenay’s objective is to develop near term discoveries and long-term sustainable growth. Its management and technical team are proven professionals with extensive international experience in all aspects of mineral exploration, operations and venture capital markets. Multiple, ongoing J/V partnerships in Mexico and Canada maximize potential for additional, new discoveries while maintaining minimal share dilution.


For additional information, please contact:

James McDonald, CEO and President at 403-238-6986

Ken Berry, Chairman at 604-601-5652; 1-888-601-5650

or visit: www.kootenaysilver.com

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