IMPACT Silver Corp. (“IMPACT”) is pleased to announce second phase drill results from the San Juan Project, located 150 meters north of its producing Noche Buena Mine and four kilometers southwest of its 500-tpd (“tonne-per-day”) Guadalupe Production Centre. The San Juan Project area encompasses a series of large old mine workings containing multiple working levels that previously exploited the gold-rich Carlos Pacheco Vein within the Valle de Oro sub-district of the Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver-Gold District of central Mexico.

Previously, IMPACT reported drill intersections of 1,409.8 g/t silver over 2.07 meters from the Noche Buena Vein and 17.1 g/t gold over 1.89 meters from the Carlos Pacheco Vein (see IMPACT News Release dated
October 30, 2013). The Noche Buena and Carlos Pacheco Veins are parallel structures that outcrop approximately 170 meters apart, striking north-northwest and dipping to the west.

Highlights from these new San Juan Project drill results (see table below) include:

  • Additional high grades for silver in the Noche Buena Vein encountered in hole Z13 60: 1,587.8 g/t silver over 1.72 meters true width as well as significant intersections in holes Z13-62, Z13-64, Z13-65 and Z13-67.
  • Additional high grades for gold in the Carlos Pacheco Vein encountered in hole Z13 67: 3.439 g/t gold over 7.17 meters true width, which includes a higher grade interval of 39.20 g/t gold over 0.53 meters true width; other wide intersections of gold-silver-lead-zinc-copper mineralization for the Carlos Pacheco Vein were intersected in holes Z13-47 (3.08 m), Z13-48 (4.14 m), Z13-50 (3.81 m) and Z13-66 (5.11 m).
  • The discovery of a number of new silver-gold-lead-zinc structures such as the Tiburón and Delfin Breccias; the Cangrejo, La Jaiba and Langostino Veins, plus a significant extension to the Abulón Vein, all of which were encountered in the near-surface portions of drill holes intended to explore the deeper portions of the Carlos Pacheco Vein.
  • Significant intersections for the Tiburón Breccia include 179.4 g/t silver over 5.10 m true width in hole Z13-59 and 160.0 g/t silver over 3.62 m true width in hole Z13-67, with the Abulon Vein returning 105.8 g/t silver over 3.27 m true width in hole Z13-64 and 214.7 g/t silver over 2.29 m true width in hole Z13-65.


Z13-46L18+00 NCarlos Pacheco Arriba 183.9084.901.000.959.61.1900.481.060.02
andL18+00 NCarlos Pacheco A133.15134.701.551.4829.44.7000.340.700.01
Z13-47L18+00 NVein Superior 2124.60127.833.233.0822.90.1700.812.530.06
includingL18+00 NVein Superior 2124.60125.050.450.4389.00.4801.1910.350.35
andL18+00 NVein Superior 1132.65134.501.851.7663.20.9200.070.310.84
andL18+00 NCarlos Pacheco 142.35143.401.051.0013.00.0141.743.390.01
andL18+00 NCarlos Pacheco A147.62149.051.431.3623.20.3500.392.270.09
Z13-48L18+00 NCarlos Pacheco179.50183.854.354.1417.20.1850.051.300.03
Z13-49L17+00 NNoche Buena Abajo 146.4048.051.651.57188.70.1500.030.080.01
andL17+00 NNoche Buena Abajo 357.1558.701.551.4897.80.0540.030.050.02
Z13-50L17+00 NNoche Buena Abajo 166.5567.150.600.57148.00.2300.080.320.01
andL17+00 NNoche Buena Abajo 269.2570.551.301.2480.60.5540.170.360.01
andL17+00 NNoche Buena Abajo 493.4594.551.101.05161.00.3100.140.250.03
andL17+00 NCarlos Pacheco180.44184.403.963.8169.81.2870.964.240.24
Z13-52L17+50 NNoche Buena52.8555.002.152.05110.30.1310.100.150.03
Z13-54L17+50 NCarlos Pacheco Abajo 2216.80218.972.172.0419.10.1300.948.370.04
Z13-60L16+75NNoche Buena16.1528.3512.2012.01300.50.2560.060.190.01
includingL16+75NNoche Buena17.1018.851.751.721,587.81.2510.140.330.02
includingL16+75NNoche Buena23.0027.004.003.93148.40.1780.090.200.01
Z13-62L16+75NNoche Buena 65.6067.351.751.51415.71.0070.210.480.01
includingL16+75NNoche Buena 67.1067.350.250.212,300.05.2701.142.810.05
andL15+50NNoche Buena55.1056.301.200.96183.30.0920.060.100.01
andL15+50NNoche Buena A66.6070.604.003.86110.40.1500.080.140.02
includingL15+50NNoche Buena A67.7069.551.851.78169.40.2510.100.190.03
Z13-66L15+50NLa Jaiba24.1725.351.181.02239.00.0700.040.030.02
andL15+50NNoche Buena102.00107.305.305.1118.02.0720.080.630.03
includingL15+50NNoche Buena105.80107.301.501.4540.57.1100.050.240.07
andL16+50NCarlos Pacheco 208.87217.158.287.1737.23.4390.020.070.53
includingL16+50NCarlos Pacheco 212.89213.500.610.53151.

Future Plans for the San Juan Project Area

Mining operations at the Noche Buena Mine have recently been moving progressively northward and are now integrated with the San José underground workings, thus providing access to the Noche Buena Vein near the area of this current drilling. A crosscut decline has also been started to access the Carlos Pacheco Vein in this area.

Drilling is ongoing on the northern extensions of the Noche Buena and Carlos Pacheco Veins and because of the parallel orientation of these veins, IMPACT is able to intersect both Noche Buena and Carlos Pacheco in most drill holes; the shallower Noche Buena Vein is being drilled at 25-meter centers and the deeper Carlos Pacheco Vein at 50-meter centers. In addition, other structures are now contributing significant intersections within the immediate area of the San José underground workings near where the Noche Buena Vein is currently being exploited. The Tiburón and Delfín Breccias plus the Abulón, Cangrejo, La Jaiba, and Langostino Veins are also being drilled at 25-meter centers, which is helping with the interpretation and integration of these intersections into IMPACT’s mining plans. The Carlos Pacheco Vein in this area remains open for expansion at depth and to the south where an increase in both gold and copper grades has become evident (see the Carlos Pacheco Drill Hole Long Section Map, available on the Map Room page on the Company website at

Detailed mapping by IMPACT’s exploration department, along with rock sampling, prospecting and surveying, continues to the north of the San José underground workings where all seven of the silver-gold-lead-zinc-copper bearing structures that are currently being drilled are known to extend. This work has resulted in the discovery of several important vein outcroppings, upon which additional drilling will likely follow once this field work is complete in order to outline additional mineralization in this newly discovered area.

IMPACT’s Geographic Information System Database Surpasses 3,500 Old Mine Workings

Since 2004, IMPACT’s exploration team has been constructing a state-of-the-art computerized Geographic Information System (GIS) database. One of the core features of this database is the location and documentation of old mine and exploration workings, which represent almost 500 years of mining history for the Zacualpan and Capire-Mamatla mining districts. In early 2013, IMPACT announced that 3,000 old workings had been documented (see IMPACT News Release dated
January 21, 2013). Today this figure totals over 3,500, representing a discovery rate of finding ten additional old mine workings per week by IMPACT’s field crews.

The importance of finding these old mine workings is that many represent places of past production where high silver grades are often encountered. IMPACT’s exploration team has now geologically mapped and sampled in detail 1,410 of these old workings and has chemical analyses for over 30,000 rock samples in its database. This data, coupled with other work by IMPACT’s exploration department, is used to locate and prioritize areas for future drilling.

Brian Hall, M.Sc., P. Geo., Nigel Hulme, P. Geo. and Wojtek Jakubowski, P. Geo., Qualified Persons under the meaning of Canadian National Instrument 43 101, are responsible for the technical content of this news release.

IMPACT Silver operates two silver production centres within its 100%-owned 623-km² land package in central Mexico: the Guadalupe Production Centre and the new Capire Production Centre. At Guadalupe, three underground silver mines feed the central 500-tpd processing plant located within the historic Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District. At Capire, the Company’s first open-pit silver mine commenced production in 2013. Additional information, including a drill hole location map and long section for the San Juan Project area, can be found on the Company website at

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