HERMOSILLO, Sonora, México, June 26, 2024 (Mexico Mining Center) – The Discoveries 2024 Mining Conference, organized by Mexico Mining Center and recognized as one of the most important technical conferences in Latin America focused on exploration, innovation and mining development, celebrated its tenth anniversary in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, May 21-23.

“We thank Appian Capital Advisory, our Mother Lode sponsor, and all our esteemed sponsors: Vizsla Silver, Maza Drilling, Ausenco, Bylsa Drilling, Gatos Silver, Globexplore Drilling & Analytics, Discovery Silver, Guanajuato Silver, Oroco Resource Corp., and Kitco Metals,” said Douglas Coleman, President and CEO of Mexico Mining Center.


Douglas Coleman, President & CEO of Mexico Mining Center and Co-Founder of the Discoveries Mining Conference, welcomed the attendees to the Discoveries Tenth Anniversary Conference, expressing his gratitude to the sponsors and the organizing committee for making the event possible.

Discoveries 2024 featured 55 speakers who covered a wide range of themes, including new geological discoveries, cutting-edge technology, the current social and legal environment, and innovative approaches to advancing the industry.

Legal Framework

Of particular interest were the legal insights of top mining lawyers, such as Enrique Rodriguez del Bosque and Joel González, on the pending Supreme Court ruling regarding the potential overturning of the Mining Law Reform enacted in Mexico a year ago. Their perspectives on this issue and the future direction of the industry were highly anticipated and widely discussed.

Development Projects

The Discoveries Conference is distinguished by its high-level technical content and featured excellent presentations on the development of world-class deposits, such as Camino Rojo (Orla Mining), Tepal (Defiance Silver), Los Reyes (Prime Mining), El Concheño (Minera Frisco), Santo Tomás (Oroco Resource Corp.), Cordero (Discovery Silver) and Panuco (Vizsla Silver). Bendito Resources presented Oposura, the most recent mine in Mexico to go into production.

Exploration Projects

Exciting exploration projects demonstrating the vast potential of mining in Mexico were also presented, including the Alamos Project (Minaurum Gold), El Creston (IMR Bonanza), Las Cristinas (Quetzal Copper), Ariel (Riverside Resources), Plomosas (GR Silver), Ana Paula (Heliostar Metals), Columba (Kootenay Silver), El Horcón (Guanajuato Silver), Colpayoc (Copper Standard), Malpica (Grupo Mexico), Dios Padre (Regency Silver), La Virginia (Silver Viper Minerals), La Laguna (Jorge Ordóñez), and Batopilas and Guigui (Reyna Silver).

Sustainability and Social License

Talks on Sustainability and Social License included Cristina Rodriguez discussing Fortuna Silver’s approach to sustainable and socially responsible operations in Oaxaca, Abel Cano (Grupo Aurum) on strengthening institutional relations, Jennifer Burge (Worldwise Consulting) on multicultural team leadership, Edna Rodríguez (Aluna Sustainability) on integrating data analysis, sustainability, community relations, and risk management, and Hernando Rueda (Sinaloa Mining Cluster) on mining and social responsibility.

Breaking Edge Technology

Talks related to Breaking Edge Technology featured Mauricio Belmar (SGS) discussing the use of X-Ray diffraction to understand material behavior in mining and metallurgical processes, Charles Nyabeze and Alain Thivierge (CEMI) offering solutions for global collaboration in introducing new technology to the mining sector, Libardo Marin (Golden Axxion) presenting innovative technology for ore processing without the use of cyanide and mercury, Chris Brown (Oriented Solutions) showcasing new tools for improving the efficiency and accuracy of measuring oriented core, and Luis Bernal (Castmet) highlighting new sorting technologies for separating ore from waste.

Operational Improvements

Carolina Franco Bell (Franco, Ríos Muñoz y Asociados) gave a presentation on how to maximize cash flow through the VAT refund process in the Mexican mining sector and Jonathon Bell (Dynapro Pumps) gave an enlightening presentation on how to conserve water and energy at a mining operation while improving efficiency and safety through proper pump selection and maintenance.

Resource Estimation

Alma Vega (Seequent) gave a talk on how to streamline the reserve estimation process and Guillermo Turner Saad (Consultant) gave a detailed presentation on the calculation of mineral reserves based on spatial domains of hydrothermal alteration.


Jose Montoya (Appian Capital) gave an in-depth overview of the comprehensive funding and technical expertise provided by Appian to meet project owner’s long-term goals and Kevin Brewer (CMC Metals) gave an overview of the different factors to be considered as a small Canadian Junior company seeking financing for its projects.

New Concepts in Mining Exploration

Josh Pelletier (Maple Gold Mines) presented the Mattabi Type VMS deposit model as a possible model for exploration for polymetallic deposits in Mexico and Johannes Horner (Recon-Struct Geologic Consulting) presented some simple structural concepts that could provide the key to exploration success in Mexico.

Mine Development

Talks focused on mine development and optimization were given by Jorge Mendoza and Richard Whittering of Ausenco who presented the case history of Campo Morado where their optimization program increased copper recoveries from less than 48% to over 70%; and Claudio Cossio and Jennifer Berger of Stantec gave a presentation on the challenges and benefits of transitioning from open pit mining to underground.

Industry Overview and Analysis

Finally, John-Mark Staude (Riverside Resources) gave an overview of recent mineral discoveries and the outlook for Mexico in 2025, and Douglas Coleman (Mexico Mining Center) shared a historical perspective on the current status of mining exploration in Mexico and its future prospects.


The Exhibition Hall featured 120 companies showcasing an impressive array of cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions that are transforming the mining industry at all levels. Leading contractors and service providers presented their latest developments and new machinery, highlighting their potential to revolutionize traditional mining practices and improve efficiency, safety and sustainability.

The Mining Cluster of Sinaloa (CLUMISIN), led by Hernan Rueda, President, hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony to inaugurate its pavilion with the participation of José Luís Zavala Cabanillas, Undersecretary for Economic Promotion and Competitiveness in representation of Javier Gaxiola Coppel, Secretary of Economy for the State of Sinaloa, and Omar Juan, Director of Mines for the State of Sinaloa. The ceremony marked a significant milestone, underscoring the Cluster’s dedication to fostering collaboration and excellence in mining.

The Core Shack was a center for networking where mineral exploration companies presented mineral samples, detailed maps and technical information pertaining to some of Mexico’s most important exploration projects. This meeting point is a staple of Discoveries that provides attendees with an opportunity to converse with the various exploration teams, facilitating in-depth discussions of new discoveries.


The Golden Acorn (“Bellota Minera”) is a social responsibility initiative promoted by Mexico Mining Center, in accordance with its mission to promote the efficient and responsible development of Mexico’s mineral resources and to disseminate valuable information. Created by Adelina Alemán, CMO of Mexico Mining Center and co-founder of the Discoveries Conference, Golden Acorn includes a series of children’s books aimed at teaching younger generations to appreciate the natural world and understand the importance of responsible mining.

As part of this initiative, Vizsla Silver led by its country manager, Hernando Rueda and his team played a key role in coordinating and safely transporting children from the surrounding mining communities. This visit was crucial in instilling a positive image of the mining industry, planting acorns of knowledge that will grow over time and foster a simple yet profound understanding in the minds of young people about the importance of our beloved industry.


As part of the Discoveries Conference, more than 50 senior mining executives gathered for an exclusive breakfast. José Montoya, Senior VP LATAM at Appian Capital, gave a brief introduction on its complete value proposition for mining investments. Appian Capital is the world’s largest private equity firm focused exclusively on metals and mining infrastructure.


As part of Discoveries networking, Mexico Mining Center, in collaboration with the Women in Geosciences group, led by Margarita Alarcón and Adelina Alemán, organized a brunch to recognize the important role of women professionals in the mining industry. The event highlighted the significant presence of women in the industry.


The second day of the conference culminated with the highly anticipated Cheese & Wine Networking Event. The more than 1,500 attendees enjoyed local cuisine, live music, dancing and entertainment, creating unparalleled networking opportunities. This event has become the premier social gathering of the year for the Mexican mining industry.

Renowned international artist Nidia Corneli, who has exhibited her paintings in some of the world’s most prestigious galleries, once again, for the tenth time, presented her works of art at Cheese & Wine. 


In commemoration of the tenth anniversary of the Discoveries Mining Conference, Mexico Mining Center (MMC) was honored to present a commemorative medal to its speakers and a select group of individuals. This award celebrates their valuable contribution to the mining industry in Mexico.

Douglas Coleman, President and CEO of Mexico Mining Center, said the following:

“On one side is the Discoveries 10th Anniversary symbol, and on the other, an acorn representing Knowledge, Perseverance and Hope. Just as the small acorn grows into a large oak tree, the knowledge planted at Discoveries drives the responsible and efficient development of Mexico’s mineral resources, giving us hope for the future.”

“The medal symbolizes not only past achievements, but also the continued growth and sustainable development of the mining industry, emphasizing the importance of knowledge and perseverance for the future of the mining sector in Mexico.”


Discoveries 2024 took place in an atmosphere of great optimism, highlighting the resilience of the mining community and its determination to overcome current challenges, ensuring that the mining industry in Mexico moves forward towards a promising future.

We look forward to seeing you in Mazatlan, April 8-10, 2025, at the Discoveries 2025 Mining Conference!



Maza Drilling is a Mexican company established in 2007 in Mazatlán, Sinaloa. Our Canadian founder, Mr. Guy de Launiere, has over 20 years of international experience managing diverse drilling operations. Maza Drilling strives to compete at the highest levels in terms of recovery, effectiveness, efficiency, and affordability at every project while keeping at the forefront of technology to meet our customer’s needs in this demanding market.