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Mesa De Plata: Diamond drilling underway to test high-grade silver discovery

• La Morita: Assay results identify wide zones of anomalous copper mineralisation

Azure Minerals Limited (ASX: AZS) (“Azure” or “the Company”) is pleased to advise that diamond core drilling is underway on the Mesa de Plata silver prospect, part of the Alacrán Project, located in the northern Mexican state of Sonora.

Following the successful discovery of extensive, high grade silver mineralisation in the maiden Reverse Circulation (RC) drilling program (refer ASX release of 16 September 2015), a followup diamond core drilling program has commenced at Mesa de Plata. Four holes are planned for approximately 800m of drilling, and hole locations are shown in Figure 1.

The purpose of this drilling is to provide drill core for mineralogical and metallurgical studies of the high grade silver mineralisation, and to provide a comparison between diamond core results versus RC results for mineral resource estimation purposes.

The first three holes will twin the three RC drill holes with strongest silver mineralisation (LM- 06, 07 & 09). A summary of the intersections in these holes is shown in Table 1.

Table 1: Silver mineralised drill intercepts from maiden RC drilling program

Interval Length
Interval Length
21.0M @ 513G/T Ag
from 28.5m
70.5m @ 197g/t Ag
from surface
18.0m @ 408 g/t Ag
from 3.0m
45.0m @ 197 g/t Ag
from surface
18.0m @ 698 g/t Ag
from 1.5m
39.0m @ 347 g/t Ag
from 1.5m
9.0m @ 1,235g/t Ag
from 3.0m
1High Grade Zones use a 100g/t Ag lower grade cur-off and no top cut; with included zones using a 200g/t Ag lwer grade cut-off and no top cut.
2Overall Mineralised Zones use a 40g/t Ag lower grade cut-off and no top cut.


The fourth hole will be drilled in the northern part of the Mesa de Plata zone, where surface sampling returned high silver grades up to 489g/t Ag, (refer ASX release 25 September 2015) in order to test the northern extent of the Mesa de Plata deposit.

The diamond drill program is expected to take four weeks to complete, and Azure will provide an update when results are available. Azure is also awaiting approval for a close-spaced RC drilling program to be undertaken covering Mesa de Plata.

Figure 1: Aerial photograph of Mesa de Plata showing planned locations of diamond core drill holes, RC drill holes and surface sampling results (refer ASX releases dated 16/09/15 and 25/09/15)


Azure has received final assays from the six RC holes drilled to test the La Morita prospect for porphyry-related copper mineralisation. Five of the six holes targeted geochemical anomalies presenting as secondary copper mineralisation located at surface and within the underground mine workings (refer ASX releases 3 June and 24 June 2015). These anomalies were considered potentially indicative of a blanket of supergene copper or primary, porphyry-hosted copper sulphide mineralisation.

All six drill holes intersected wide zones of highly anomalous copper values (up to 0.5% Cu), which are similar to the grades identified at surface. However no primary porphyry mineralisation nor supergene mineralisation blanket was intersected.

The anomalism encountered does not sufficiently explain the source of the secondary copper mineralisation or the high grade copper mineralisation sampled within the La Morita adit. The source may occur at depth in association with the strong chargeability anomaly identified by the Induced Polarisation (IP) survey (refer ASX release dated 02/07/15), and further investigation is required.

One hole (LM-10) targeted the southern edge of the chargeability anomaly, but due to limitations with the drill rig, the hole was terminated at a down-hole depth of 290m, well short of the 500m target. Importantly, the hole intersected rocks with potassic alteration, significant quantities of pyrite mineralisation, and abundant quartz veinlets. These features suggest the nearby presence of porphyry style mineralisation, and further geochemical analysis will be undertaken to test this possibility.

In order to test the strongest area within the IP chargeability anomaly for porphyry copper mineralisation, an application for a permit to construct access roads into the area and drill pads has been submitted.

In the short term, given the significance of the new silver discovery at Mesa de Plata, and the high priority, intensive exploration and development activities planned for that project, further exploration to determine the source of the copper mineralisation encountered at La Morita, including deep diamond drilling, will take place at a later date.

TABLE 2: Drill Hole Information – Completed in 2015 by Azure

PS-0134123945767401587270-4587.0Palo Seco
PS-0234125125767781577270-55120.0Palo Seco
LM-0134148705731201594090-60201.0Puerto del Oro
LM-0234145005730861606090-45201.0San Simon
LM-0334138375721051475225-4555.0La Morita
LM-03b34138375721051475225-45250.5La Morita
LM-0434138515719191450045-45153.0La Morita
LM-0534134445715651513160-70200.0La Morita
LM-0634152555718401601000-9090.0Mesa de Plata
LM-0734151745719301596000-9090.0Mesa de Plata
LM-0834151035720751591000-9091.5Mesa de Plata
LM-0934154085718151572000-9091.5Mesa de Plata
LM-1034137555723651492045-60294.0La Morita
LM-1134134585720231502000-90150.0La Morita



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