Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico (PRWEB) October 14, 2013

Silver Scott Mines, Inc. (OTC: SILS.pk) is pleased to announce that primary crushed, precious metal mineralization from the Carmen open pit mine has been placed for leaching on the prepared HDPE lined surface. The quantity of crushed rock placed on the leach pad is approximately 25,000 tonnes upon which the leach process has begun with application of leach solution. Acceptable rates of infiltration are seen with the application of solution.

Mining and crushing is continuing at the mine site with the target production of 80,000 to 100,000 tonnes of crushed mineralized rock being completed for leaching by year end that is concurrent with leaching production.


Approximately 30,000 tonnes of mineralized material has now been crushed. Mining in this starting area of the open pit is working in mineralization where production does not require blasting due to the natural strongly broken and oxidized nature of the zone, which lowers the cost of production. Mineralization grades are being maintained near or better than the average projected precious metal content based on previous drill sampling.


Mel Herdrick, QP and Registered Geologist read and approved this news release.



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