LAS VEGAS, April 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Amarium Technologies Inc. (PINK SHEETS: AMMG) released today a letter to its shareholders.
Dear Amarium Technologies Inc. Shareholders,
In the first quarter of 2013, Amarium Technologies has undergone an exciting and strategic transition into an emerging mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration, development and production of copper, gold & silver mineral properties in Mexico.
The past several months have involved numerous corporate developments for the Company and our existing shareholders have expressed overwhelming support and excitement in our new direction.  Consequently, Amarium management felt that it was our duty to directly communicate with shareholders.
Commitment to Shareholders Our new management is currently evaluating several mining assets in Mexico and is expecting the completion of a landmark acquisition in the near-term, with a specific focus upon production and existing revenues.  We are firmly committed to our shareholders through our diligence in acquiring unique mining investment opportunities that are currently revenue and profit generating or well advanced in that regard.  While identifying these types of opportunities can be a challenge, Amarium’s management has widespread industry contacts in the Mexican mining business that we believe is ultimately a competitive advantage for our shareholders.
Copper Market & Asset Expansion Since our announcement in February 2103 stating the Company’s new corporate focus on mineral exploration and development in Mexico, our shareholders have been very enthusiastic and supportive. While we are currently vetting investment opportunities in both precious and base metals, our primary focus is on acquiring a substantial copper deposit with existing small-scale production facilities.  In support of this direction, Amarium management believes strongly that the prospects for the global copper market remain bullish in both the long and short-term and a copper interest acquisition will provide a tremendous asset foundation for the Company.  At this moment, our current acquisition target is nearing completion and will be the first of several new acquisitions planned for the near future.   With the expansion of our mineral asset interests, Amarium will strengthen its focus and direction, firmly establishing the Company on its new path of growth.
Why Mexico? Mexico represents a strategic opportunity for Amarium. The country is a politically stable region that has a substantial history with many facilitating aspects:
Established Mining Industry
Educated population with highly skilled labor markets
Extensive transportation system throughout the country.
Government and population that support foreign investment capital and mining initiatives.
Attractive location for Foreign Investment Capital.
Suitable infrastructure for export markets, with modern ports on both Pacific and Atlantic coastlines.
Extensive mineral production and exploration operations currently active throughout the country.
A proven producer of both precious and base metals.
Future Goals & Vision of Company Shareholders will be pleased to know that the Company is planning to aggressively pursue its new mandate and will be targeting a number of corporate milestones to be achieved in both the long and short-term:
Acquisition of Mexican copper properties that are production, near-term production or advanced exploration opportunities, that add substantially to the Company’s asset foundation.
Continue to strengthen our existing management with additional personnel who have proven track records and who are achievement oriented.
Through our OTC Markets subscription, regularly disclosure corporate information and bring Amarium’s status to “Current Information”.
Raise additional capital financing through investment structures that are beneficial to existing shareholders.
Communicate with our shareholders, keeping them apprised of our progress and corporate developments on a timely and transparent basis.
In Closing Amarium’s management is very passionate about the Company’s new operations focused on the development of mineral assets.  Additionally, we strongly feel that the Company’s competitive advantages and strategic approach to business development uniquely identifies Amarium as a high growth company.  In general, we are highly confident in our abilities that will move Amarium forward to strong bottom-line results in the near future.
Sincerely, Adam Carter, President
For additional information, please visit: www.amariumminerals.com
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