San Juan



Veins and Dissemination

Type of Deposit

Ensenada, Baja California


348.00 Ha

Surface Area

The San Juan mine lies 26 km south-southwest of the fishing and tourist community of Bahia de los Angeles which can provide accomodation, food, water, repairs and maintenance. Internet and telephone services are available in this village. 25 km west of Bahia de los Angeles, a dirt road leads southwards to the Misión San Borja, a distance of 35 km. Further access is by four-wheel drive, a distance of approximately 17.6 km along a degraded road; the journey takes several hours. From the end of the road, a trail extends 3-5 km to Mina San Juan itself, climbing from 823 m above sea level (a.s.l.) to 1339 m a.s.l.

The San Juan Project is a largely unexplored area with potential for a very large gold-bearing porphyry system with high-grade quartz-gold veins. The San Juan mine reportedly produced over 100,000 tons of ore with average grades of 20 g/t Au. The San Juan Mine was in operation until 1911 and produced gold ore for shipping which assayed as high as 25-32 gm/t. The milling ore grade was 4-5 gm/t. The mine operated on eleven levels, of which only those seven above the 1200 m main haulage were mined out.

The mineralization could be quite extensive. The mineralized intrusive and metamorphic assemblage underlies most of the property and probably extends beneath the Cenozoic cover to the west. Little of this ground has been explored beyond prospecting and none of this exploration is recent.

A 43-101 report dated September 19, 2005 is attached.