El Cobre Claims (Anita Copper Mine)

  • Anita Copper Mine originally exploited by the Douglas Copper Mining Co. (NY) from 1900 until operations ceased in 1910 due to the Mexican revolution.
  • 12 Ha Denuncio on Anita Mine and 500 Ha denuncio just West included.
  • Westminster Resources staked a 14,000ha position behind this core claim and then ruined a water well during their first round of drilling.
  • Located on a private ranch, about 1 hour driving from Cd. Obregon.

Historic Reserves

In Technical File 260385 (October, 1989) by Eng. Guillermo G. Teran M. for the Council of Mineral Resources, Regional Deputy Management, Resident Management in Sonora entitled “Geological and Mining Report of “El Cobre and Anita” Mining Claims, Municipality of Quiriego, Sonora” the author quotes (p.23) from an April, 1969 report by Engineer Oleg Saitcevsky who discusses an earlier study by Mining Engineer Mr. Francisco Quiroga.

Quiroga divided the estimated ore into two parts: 42,000 tons with a low grade that yielded 5.815 gms/ton gold, 62.20 gms/ton silver and 4% copper, as well as 42,000 tons of high-grade ore with values of 8.0 gms/ton gold, 124.4 gms/ton silver and 6% copper.

Smelter Constructed

In all likelihood these historic estimates were underground ores blocked out and sampled to supply the smelting plant built in the town of Fundicion (about 27 km away)-

Initial processing was to be 250 tons per day expanding to 600 tons per day”……”the investment for the development of the Anita Copper Mine (1200 meters and inclined shaft 185 meters) and construction of the smelting plant exceeded 12 million dollars (steam power and 300 men employed); the 1910 revolution obliged the Anita Copper Company to abandon the project and all American employees left the country.” (ING. Oleg Saitcevsky, March, 1969

Historic Workings

  • 3 shafts, 4 levels
  • 12ft x12ft Decline ramp
  • 3 large collapsed galleries


The surface expression of the voluminous body at the Anita Copper Mine extends for a length of 600 meters and consists of breccias, epithermal vein and diatreme styles of mineralization.

Cu (Au-Ag)


Epithermal Breccia

Type of Deposit

Sonora, Mexico


512 Ha.

Surface Area


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