Ariel Copper-Gold Project



Copper Porphyry

Type of Deposit

Villa Hidalgo, Sonora


1,274 Ha.

Surface Area

Preliminary geologic mapping, alteration analysis, and sampling has been completed on the project which defined a large area of alteration indicative of a porphyry system.


The Ariel Project is located 30 km southeast of the world-class La Caridad Cu-Mo porphyry mine (1,800 Mt @ 0.45% Cu, 0.02% Mo), and 24 km southeast of the Los Alisos Copper porphyry prospect. To the best of Riverside’s knowledge, the area has not been drill-tested and represents a new grass-roots target.

The Ariel property was staked by Riverside following a lengthy reconnaissance prospecting program. Access on the Property is good with 30 km of dirt roads that can be accessed from paved highways.  The area also has existing infrastructure, a power grid and other infrastructure are in place servicing the nearby La Caridad mine which is easily visible from the property.


This project is located in the Laramide copper belt of northern Mexico and is currently at an early stage of exploration; work being completed in March 2018. Preliminary geologic mapping, alteration analysis and sampling has been completed on the project which defined a large area of alteration indicative of a porphyry system. Riverside’s mapping indicates potential targets for drilling exist to the west and north of the steeper terrain showing argillic alteration and closer to the valley bottom where recent erosion and deposition of sediments forms a shallow cover over a potential copper porphyry. Turquoise mining has occurred on the property in the recent past indicating the presence of copper, otherwise, surprisingly, very little exploration has been conducted in this area.


Initial observations and interpretations suggests Laramide age volcanic and intrusive host rocks and alteration patterns consistent with a copper porphyry type system. The geology in this area has been tilted via post-mineral, extensional faulting. Hydrothermal alteration covers an extensive zone on the property measuring 2.8 km in length by up to 1.9 km wide in one central area and other lateral zones. These alteration types recognized on the Property are consistent with the upper parts of a porphyry Cu system.