The Esmeralda Targets area lies 12 km towards the northwestern part of the company’s La Preciosa deposit and includes majority of fault controlled block areas, having three historic mining works known as La Esmeralda, La Blanca and El Cristo.

According to Orko’s President, Gary Cope, the exploration extension of the company’s huge mineral land concession areas in Mexico is believed to be significant. The company has received encouraging results from the exploration studies, and these aspects warrant an in-depth field study.

Area exposures include tertiary age upper volcanic group dacites, ignimbrites and rhyolites, which overlie the lower volcanic group andesites. A structural geochemistry study and geology mapping will be carried out over the six main fault controlled blocks.

The El Cristo Mine located towards the western part of the Ricardo Flores Magon village has 3 m broad fluorite-quartz structure, trending towards north-south, together with historic surface intersections over 150 m and underground and shaft levels to a depth of approximately 40 m.

The La Blanca mine lies 1.8 km towards the northern part of El Cristo and includes narrow brecciated and silicified fractures opened in many small shafts and pits.

The Esmeralda Mine lies 3.7 km towards the northwestern part of El Cristo and has two rock piles and small shafts, approximately 500 m apart. Many exploration rock samples collected in this region returned high values of silver, which include high sample at 515.3 g/t. Drilling was not previously conducted in the area.

Orko Silver has more than 32,000 ha of mineral concessions as a single adjacent block at the Mesa Central, located towards the eastern part of the Sierra Madre Occidental mountains.


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